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Find out how thousands of customers are SAVING TIME with our courier booking engine. Choose from MULTIPLE courier companies, calculate freight cost, PRINT courier tickets, BOOK pickups and TRACK parcels using ONE EASY ONLINE ACCOUNT.


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Access MULITIPLE courier companies under ONE account, ship nationwide and over 220 countries worldwide, no more prepaid courier tickets

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How It Works ?


Parcelport is an online ticket-less Pay As You Go courier booking platform, freight & fulfilment management system. This is how we work:

1. PRINT IT - Easily convert your website or auction site orders into shipping labels and calculate courier cost, the system is free to use, you only pay for the courier charge when you ship, there is no minimum spending required.
We charge on a linear rate, meaning if you ship 1 kg you only pay for 1 kg and not 3 and 5 kg.
2. STICK IT - Place the shipping labels on your parcels and wait for the courier to pick them up, that's it, no need to buy prepaid courier tickets, no need to phone the courier company, you can relax and have time for a coffee.

3. PASS IT - The courier will then come and pickup the parcels from you and  delivery them to your customers.
4. TRACK IT - You can track and trace your parcels online in real time, send tracking updates to the receiver and see the signatures of the persons who signed for them when the parcel reached the destination you can view and export report online.  We will invoice you and you have til the 20th of the following month to pay.




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Parcelport is integrated with your existing sales channels, shopping carts, inventory system and business software, streamlining orders for fast dispatchment.


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At Parcelport we also support our community, Parcelport supports a wide variety of charities and causes, if you are running a charity auction, talk to us, Parcelport will be happy to provide free shipping for all your charity auction items. 



“We import Chocolate, candy and other grocery and all kinds of foodstuff from Europe, and we sell online and at our shop in Auckland, we have customers everywhere across New Zealand from Kaitaia to Invercargill, we need to send quite a lot of parcels to our customers across New Zealand, we started using Payport [Parcelport] about 3 years ago, because they offer a flexible solution, everything is done online, whenever we want to, we can choose a courier from multiple choices depending on the customer need and where the customer is, I’ve been very happy with their customer service from Payport [Parcelport], if things go wrong, and sometimes they do with couriers, they are very good at solving the issues and getting things right, so I can recommend using Payport [Parcelport], it is not just efficient but also very cost effective ”

Jari Jaaskelainen - Owner of Safka Intercontinental Goodies

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" Working with Payport [Parcelport] from the very beginning has been a breeze. Opening an account was a quick and painless process, which got us onto their system within an hour or two. Booking a collection is a very simple and quick process. Collections and deliveries are always very efficient and reliable. Payport [Parcelport] are a great company to work with; they offer a fantastic service."

Cara Ferreira - Director, Colour Scope


" We have only recently signed up with Payport [Parcelport] and utilise their service for all of our small parcels to supermarkets nationally. The system is very user friendly and booking parcels in and arranging collection is breeze. Due to us being quite new to the system, we initially needed a degree of customer support to align our current processes with the online ordering system and found the support and customer service fantastic. "

Loren Schmidt - Managing Director, Zebra Zoo


" In our business, we had to deliver and pick up keys and documents all the time. We save a lot of our time, effort, and petrol by using PayPort [Parcelport] to deliver and pickup items from various customers and within our offices. Sometimes we even use them to drop things back home or to pick up things from home! PayPort [Parcelport] is a fantastic service and we would recommend anyone looking for a cost effective and efficient solutions in courier services! "

-James Law - CEO, James Law Realty

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